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The Community of the Saint Anargyroi


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On October 26th , 2006  we set out on our way as a charity organization  at the Cologne church "St. Maria in Lyskirchen". We are a community of women and men dedicated to a charitable therapeutic service in honour of the Saints Kosmas and Damian and following their example. This is expressed in our statute ( 3). The two healers are among the few saints venerated in both the Roman and Orthodox churches. In the Orthodox church the two saints are called "hoi hagioi Anargyroi", which means "those without money", showing that they treated people for free. The final decision on the foundation of the Community was made in the Near East. While on a journey to Damascus and Cyrrus, the burial place of Kosmas and Damian in northern Syria, the idea of a social community gradually took shape. The present developments with regard to the social and health services provoke us to make clearonce more what the Jesuan tradition of healing really means and how it may be lived out authentically in the world of today. So far 35 women and men have joined this charitable companionship. Others are interested in doing so..

35 women and men have joined the Community in three regional groups. The foundation took place in Cologne in 2006. In 2011 the Essen Community began, and in 2014 some women and men started a third regional group. Each group decides on a specific charitable  therapeutic engagement.

The Essen Community runs a Kosmidion a surgery for people without papers (i.e. passports and insurance papers). On Fridays they receive patients and see to their medical care. They also have an eye on the social context of those people living here illegally.

In Cologne the Community operates at the Kosmidian notel, which is a flat receiving homeless drug addicts, women as well as men. In cooperation with the notel we also run a cafe on Sundays and feast days in the winter months.

The new Community Rhein-Erft wants to offer help for a fundamental need. They wish to assist people in hospitals who are no longer able to eat on their own.

Since its beginning the community has also supported the sick of the parish of Saint Cyrill in the old town of Damascus.

Kosmidion is the name of an ancient place of healing at Constantinople where Kosmas and Damian have been venerated as "healers for free" for about 1000 years and where people have come hoping and trusting to be healed. In memory of this old tradition we call the place of our engagement "Kosmidion".